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We do interesting things at, all of which aimed at making your like more comfortable and pleasing. We try to bring a little luxury to a bustling London, comfort and relaxation. We offer Bespoke facials, where you’ll be pampered and treated to a soft and silky glow, we offer Annee de Mamiel facials where she believes skincare is far more important than superficial surface skin treatments.

If you don’t need a facial theres plenty more. We can offer luxury consultations on healthy eating and a diet plan that’ll improve your health and well being for a long time to come. We promote a wide variety of methods to achieve healthy weight loss, and follow up package to assure you are well on your way to a better you. So that you know we are with you every step of the way we have a handy menu diet book.

women in bedWe are able to offer massage and therapy that’ll relax you and can take away from the stress of work and everyday life. Our prices are flexible and reasonable so that all can enjoy our luxury service, you’ll be left relaxed and comfortable. Our masseuse is extremely experienced and knows exactly how to create a setting of bliss and comfort. You’ll be treated to a wide variety of soft and strong technique to relieve aching muscle and nagging pains.

We offer makeup lessons and pedicures where you’ll learn to be the best you. We can show you how to apply makeup that won’t make you go beyond the point of too much, but retain a beautiful look. If you think would like to pop along and see some of the services for yourself then please just book an appointment over the phone and we will be all too glad to help you. We are the leader in London for quality comfort and way of life.